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It goes without saying that astronomy is the oldest natural science and has had a great influence on the birth of Newtonian mechanics and the subsequent development of physics. Not only was astronomy the mother of physics, but it is also expected to play an important role in fostering scientific ways of thinking today by verifying the laws of celestial motion using actual observation data measured by the astronomers themselves. However, due to the special characteristics of astronomical observations, i.e., most of the objects to be observed can only be observed at night, and observations are greatly affected by weather conditions, such as being impossible when it rains, observation practice, which is an important element of natural science, is rarely incorporated into the curriculum in astronomy education. Therefore, the practical observation, which is an important element of natural science, has not been incorporated into the curriculum in astronomy education. Compared to other natural science fields such as biology, chemistry, and physics, where hands-on experiments are an important part of the curriculum, astronomy education lacks an important element of natural science education. The construction of the Internet Telescope Network aims to create an environment to overcome this obstacle to astronomical observation in order to incorporate practical observation into astronomy lectures and classes.

In order for practical observation of celestial objects using an Internet Telescope to take root in the educational field, excellent manuals are needed. This project aims to create and enhance an educational curriculum that will enable students to obtain data on celestial objects through practical observation and use it to make various scientific considerations, rather than merely taking excellent photographs of celestial objects.

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